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GHA uses Radiant Board technology to lower energy costs.


GHA Companies use of Radiant Board technology in their new La Quinta, California communities, was driven by consumer and homeowner request. “We have built homes for over 30 years in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and La Quinta, and we listen to our homeowners’ needs and desires”, stated Randolph Winters, sales agent with Eight@Rhodell, one of two GHA company new home communities in the La Quinta, California. “Here in the desert there is a definite need to build homes that are more energy efficient and provide lower utility bills for our homeowners. Through the use of radiant board technology we can accomplish that.”

Both new home communities in La Quinta, Darby Estates and Eight@Roudel, use the Eclipse brand of radiant boards manufactured by RoyOMartin, a leader in home efficiency construction products.

A radiant board is basically a sheet of plywood with a specially manufactured aluminum surface on the bottom side that works as a sheathing solution that reflects the sun’s rays and keeps the attic cooler.

According to RoyOMartin, Eclipse radiant boards intercept the flow of radiant energy to and from a building component. Radiant boards work by reducing the amount of radiation incident on, and heat flow through, the insulation. The thermal performance, or the reduction of radiant heat transfer, is directly proportional to the surface emittance of the radiant barrier material, in this case aluminum. Emittance measurements of all materials range between .zero (0), which means no radiant heat transfer, and one (1), that of a black service or complete radiant heat transfer.

Emittance is defined as how much heat is emitted from a material. Aluminum has a very low emittance, meaning heat is not transmitted from its surface. Products defined as radiant barriers have surface emittance less than or equal to 0.1. Eclipse radiant boards have an emittance of 0.03. This means that they can significantly reduce the cost of keeping a home cool.

By using these special roofing boards, GHA companies can build a home that has the ability to block up to 97% of the suns radiant heat. This serves to reduce attic temperatures by as much as 30°F. This of course translates into cooler temperatures in the home, and helps reduce your utility cost. It also keeps your ductwork cooler and extends the life of air-conditioning systems. One more value to radiant boards is increased home value as home shoppers in the desert areas are beginning to look more and more for technology to lower their utility bills and make them more comfortable in their new homes.

“Radiant boards are just one feature we use to make our homes more comfortable and energy efficient,” Winters adds. To learn more about the technologies used by GHA to build new homes in the desert, visit, or call Randolph Winters at 760 834-1313.

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